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Susanne Katchko

Rarely in my experience have I witnessed all the gifts that Susanne possesses in one package – a vocal instrument of beauty and impressive size, a brilliant mind, innate musicality, fine musicianship, an intuitive ease with language, and physical beauty.

Incredibly gifted … brilliant.  There’s major talent there – major musicianship…

                        Sharon Daniels, Soprano


                        The Opera Institute at Boston University  


 A phenomenal performer – versatility that takes you from laughter to tears!

                        Rex Trailer, Producer/Host, New England Cable News


 Ebullient … dazzling!

                        Don Shewey, Boston Phoenix


 Susanne was excellent!  She established a rapport with the audience immediately, and her warmth, charm and talent were evident from the moment she began.

                        Rena Shoenfeld, Director

                        JCC of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


 … truly a delightful evening.  Susanne is a talented, pleasant, refreshing entertainer …

In addition, her explanations which preceded the Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino songs were entertaining and informative.

                        Ruth Burke, Chairman

                        JCC of Louisville, Kentucky


 Terrific … moving, powerful, compelling.  The reaction from the audience was wonderful.

                        Lawrence Lowenthal, New England Area Director

                        American Jewish Committee


 Susanne Katchko, in a beautiful performance, transcends her musical excellence as her vitality brings tradition to life.

                        Rev. Westy Egmont, Host

                        A Show of Faith, WBZ, Boston, Massachusetts


 Susanne Katchko combines a rich, classically-trained voice with the natural warmth and fervor of true folk song.

                        Jeff Oboler, Director, Martin Steinberg Center for the Jewish Arts,

                        American Jewish Congress, New York City


 Her chanting was not only beautiful, but was also very inspiring.

                        Michael R. Levine, Ritual Committee Chair

                        Congregation Sof Ma’arav, Honolulu Hawaii


Susanne Katchko, Purple Dot Project Founder