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From Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman
Bronx, NY March, 2011
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From Dr. Itzik Gottesman
Yiddish Forward, New York, NY, March, 2011
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From Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev
Mezzo Soprano, Forest Hills, NY, March, 2011
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From Sheva Zucker

November 25, 2009

In teaching Susanne (Sorke) Katchko this summer in the Uriel Weinreich program in Yiddish language, literature and culture in New York City, I had the feeling that I was not teaching her but rather helping her claim what was already there. Susanne's roots in Jewish music and Yiddishkayt are very deep. She is a beautiful singer and a radiant performer in love with her material, who will both charm and educate her audience.

Sheva Zucker, Author of Yiddish --an Introduction to the Language, Literature & Culture



From Dr. Paul Glasser
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November 25, 2009

To whom it may concern,

Susanne (Sorke) Katchko was a student in Intermediate Yiddish at the YIVO-NYU Uriel

Weinreich Summer Yiddish Program, June-August 2009. She was the most enthusiastic and

hardest-working student in the program. She contributed to the program not only inside, but also

outside the classroom: a cantor and professional singer, she led Sabbath services; she took part in

the theater workshop and performed at the graduation ceremony; she even cooked for the

students. Whatever she works on, she does so whole-heartedly and with boundless energy.



(Dr.) Paul Glasser

Associate Dean, Max Weinreich Center


Susanne Katchko, Purple Dot Project Founder