Susanne Katchko

The Purple Dot Project

Yiddish Music Theatre for the Future

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Purple Dot Media




Workshops at schools; creating relationships between the Jewish schoolchildren of communities in disparate areas of the world

Follow-up social action projects

We have already made active connections with leaders of Jewish communities in Mexico City and Buenos Aires. The interest from our South American cousins is immediate and enthusiastic. YIVO has connections in Paris and throughout Europe. Susanne Katchko, principal performer of the PDP, is fluent in French, Spanish, Hebrew has intermediate-level Yiddish knowledge, and also has a foundation in Russian, Italian and German. She has sung in Farsi and intends to sing in Arabic and any other language which will allow us to build bridges between people and cultures. Music is the language of peace. We will be able to communicate with worldwide audiences.


Susanne Katchko, Purple Dot Project Founder